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I'm using a company website, and the Internet has become very spotty, due to an internal issue. When the Internet crashes, I get an error message from the site. Pressing the back button or refresh button reproduces the error. So, I have to close my browser (Chrome, latest), and log back into the site!

Typically, we lose 45 minutes of work (about twice a day). There are times, however, when hours of progress are lost! And sometimes it's difficult to reproduce data (for example, when we get data from a customer and the submit button fails after the customer has left our offices).

Is there a way to temporarily save all the form data on a page (like an add-on with a button I can just press, "Save current progress on this page."), and then have the data automatically resubmitted by pressing it again, later? Or perhaps, is there another work-around that I can work into my browser, locally?

I found this:, but there are two issues:

1) Everyone here wants to stick with Chrome and not install and use another browser--stubborn people.

2) This doesn't seem to fit the exact purpose. It uses 'the most recent values' and not saved values.

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Have you already looked through the search results for "form" in the Chrome Web Store? If they don't meet your requirements, and you want a tailored extension for your company, contact me to discuss the details. – Rob W Jul 8 '13 at 9:58
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A Chrome Extension like Lazarus should be a decent fit.

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You're a ba~d man, Sath. Thanks. You and the developer are saving us a lot of time. – Wolfpack'08 Aug 11 '13 at 2:38

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