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At my office we have a wireless modem(D-Link DSL-2750U) and all the clients are connect to it wirelessly with a wireless lan card. at the next floor we have two pc(without wireless lan card) that I want to connect them to this network, I have a switch and a wireless access point(TP-Link TL-WA701ND). my Question is that how can I connect the WAP to Modem? I set the operation mode of WAP to client and add the MAC address of it in the table of wireless modem but the clients cant connect to the network.

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Why not just run cables from the two machines to the LAN ports on the D-Link DSL-2750U? If you're going to insist on using wifi, you'll want to use Bridge mode, or possibly WDS/Repeater, but Bridge mode will probably be more compatible one considering the differences in brand.

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This time the connection must be wired from the access point to the switch and then from the switch to the two pc, would be much easier.

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