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Both Opera and Firefox have a function that allows you to type a nickname / keyword into the address bar, and then automatically load the bookmark URL associated with that nickname/keyword. More info: Opera bookmark nicknames | Firefox bookmark keywords

Opera 12 is currently my main browser, but I am now thinking of using Firefox as my main browser after the Opera 15 fiasco. I used Transmute as recommended by the current top answer in this SU post to export my Opera bookmarks into Firefox: How to synchronise bookmarks between Google Chrome and Opera? - but it doesn't preserve the nicknames/keywords of my Opera bookmarks. They are gone upon conversion to Firefox bookmarks.

Is there another software (offline or web application), browser extension or solution that I can use to convert or transfer my Opera bookmarks into Firefox while preserving bookmark nicknames/keywords?

I am using Opera 12 and Firefox on Windows 7.

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Doesn't the normal method work? In Opera: Bookmarks -> Manage bookmarks -> File -> Export as HTML... and in Firefox: Bookmarks -> Import and Backup -> Import bookmarks from HTML? –  Wk_of_Angmar Jul 8 '13 at 14:46
@Wk_of_Angmar D'oh! That seems to work. Put your comment as an answer, so I could accept it. –  galacticninja Jul 8 '13 at 15:07

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