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I have 10 wav-Files. I want to convert all of them into mp3-Files. I managed to to this for one single file (as described in How to convert media using VLC?), but I don't want to do this for every single file. Is there a way to convert all the 10 files at a single blow? I'm using windows 7.

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Thank you for the batch hint! –  Ergodicity Jul 9 '13 at 11:26

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I followed nixda's suggestion and used a batch script. I figured out how to programm a batch for windows 7. This is my solution:

@echo off
for /f "delims=|" %%f in ('dir /b D:\"folder xyz"\VLC_batch\*.wav') do (
echo %%f
CALL "C:\Program Files (x86)\VideoLAN\VLC\vlc.exe" "%%f" --sout=#transcode{acodec=mp3,ab=128,vcodec=dummy}:standard{access=file,mux=raw,dst=converted/"%%f"} vlc://quit
move "%%f" trash/"%%f"

cd converted
ren *.wav *.mp3
cd ..

How the programm works:

  • All the files with the .wav extension in the specified folder "D:...\VLC_batch" are converted to mp3
  • The mp3 files are saved in the folder "converted" (which must already exist)
  • The wav files are pushed to the folder "trash" (which must already exist)
  • "ab=128" sets the bit rate. To convert with e.g. bit rate 256, replace it with "ab=256".

There ist still one bug: If the name of the wav-file contains a dot or comma, the name is truncated (and no extension is appended!). The file gets converted despite this. If anyone knows a solution feel free to edit my code. Tested with Version 1.1.11. Newer versions may not work!

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+1 Good & new solution –  nixda Jul 16 '13 at 7:41

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