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I have a udev rule that creates a symlink for serial devices (USB serial ports) using an expression like this: SYMLINK+="MyDevice_%n". The %n assigns the system device node number starting with 0. Is there a way to modify the numbering - instead of %n, perhaps %n+1? Math expressions don't work in a udev rule. I might be able to use a bash script to do the equivalent of echo $((%n+1)) but I'm not sure how to do this in a udev rule. Any helpful suggestions?

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Use the udev rules PROGRAM field to execute a /bin/sh echo expression and capture the result using %c, like this...

PROGRAM="/bin/sh -c 'echo $((%n+1))'", SYMLINK+="MyDevice_%c"

The resulting symlink will have the equivalent of MyDevice_$((%n+1)) or MyDevice_1 if %n is zero. The $(()) construct is called "arithmetic expansion" and causes the contents to be evaluated as an integer expression. It's a syntax element of the shell.

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