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I want to perform a silent install of the .NET 4.0 framework on a Windows Embedded Standard 7 installation. This means I want to use the Image Configuration Editor (ICE) to perform this. I already downladed the templates to solve all the dependencies. I think the .NET 4.0 installation is failing because of the lack of Administrator rights. I added three commands to Deployment_x86 in my answer file:

  • net user administrator /active:yes
  • C:\Setup_Files\dotNetFx40_Full_x86_x64.exe
  • net user administrator /active:no

Everything on pass 6: Audit User. For now it does not work. What would be the needed steps to achieve what I want?

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Rights problems during installation can not be. Performing during the installation of the operating system occurs with the rights SYSTEM.

Accordingly, the command net user administrator /active ... not need.

You will need the templates that can be taken here:

Application templates on Windows Embedded Standard 7

I think it's not quite the distribution. Net 4, which is needed.

Try to get hold of this one:

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 for Windows Embedded Standard 7 (Dec 2010)

may be help ...

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