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Is there a way to make form letter variants in MSWord without VBA? Specifically, I have a document that might include certain paragraphs or sentences (scattered throughout) depending on my exact purpose. My purpose isn't really a choice between 200 options, but more like a choice between 10 options for Factor A, 10 for Factor B, and 2 for Factor C. I would like to be able to manage and edit the document from a single place. Is this possible without VBA? How?

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Create a document using OLE. These are the objects used by VBA.

But there's another way. Creating an XML document, which will be a document MS Office. In this case, the MS Word.

XML - that's fine. There are a number of XSLT processors, including the msxml. And most importantly the ability to convert one XML document into another XML.

Accordingly, we can come up with a convenient initial XML (template) that by converting the document will Wordml.

To generate MS Office not needed. Cross-platform.

Well now you can spread the fire and arrange the dance.

And some of the links below.

Word Content Control Toolkit

Transforming Open XML WordprocessingML to XHTML Using the Open XML SDK 2.0

Open XML SDK 2.0 for Microsoft Office

Open XML scenarios

Office 2003 Tool: WordprocessingML Transform Inference Tool

Transforming XML to WordML

Stylesheets for converting Microsoft's WordprocessingML documents to XSL FO (XSLFO)

Document Generation using WordML (Word 2003)

PDF! Office 2003 XML Oreaily

Word 2003: XML Software Development Kit (SDK)

Processing all Content Parts in an Open XML WordprocessingML Document

The Easy Way to Assemble Multiple Word Documents

Create a rich Word document based on your own custom XML (without the need for XSLT)

Visual How To

Word 2007 Content Tollkit

Word 2007 Content Tollkit

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I'm flabbergasted. Thank you. Spread the fire and arrange the dance? This ritual seems even more complex than trying to pick up VBA! However, it is gratifying to see that there is a path forward. – Russell S. Pierce Jul 11 '13 at 1:29
@RussellS.Pierce The path through the XML harder. In the old MSDN had a class diagram. Also, the topic was explained in detail by COM +. VBA is quite simple. You will have the opportunity to compare the generation of a document as XML, either directly or with the help of XSLT.There are situations when can not use VBA, and XML - better. Good luck. – STTR Jul 11 '13 at 1:54

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