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So the previous person who asked this question (Word 2010 template not acting as template -- saving over .dotx file!) was blown off because it was determined that the question already had an "answer" which was then posted. That is not the answer to the problem, anyone who knows anything about Word knows how to open a template in that program.

I will ask again. All my Word templates (.dotx files) are opening as templates when I double-click on them and they shouldn't be. The solution to the previous question was to right-click and select "New" to open the document as if that is something different from double-clicking on a template (it isn't). Even if I right-click on my template doc, I have no "New" or "Open" choice, only "Edit". So what's the real fix?

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Did you try repairing Office? –  Karan Jul 10 '13 at 23:24
Sorry, just saw this from last July. Yes, I tried repairing it and that didn't work. –  Karen927 Nov 26 '13 at 0:29
This is an old thread that is claimed to be a duplicate of an even older thread, but the information is counter to my experience and understanding. You can create and edit templates. You can create and edit documents. You can base a document on a template. If you open an existing template by any means, your starting point is a template. If you want a document, open a new document from the Word menu and then apply a template if you want one. If you are editing a template, you can choose to save it as a document. If you are editing a document, you can choose to save it as a template. –  fixer1234 Sep 20 '14 at 15:11
I don't understand your comments, are you suggesting a fix? If so, do you really understand what my problem is? Are you familiar with how Word templates work? Doesn't sound like it. –  Karen927 Oct 10 '14 at 19:59

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Sorry to dredge up a long-dead thread.

Can I assume you have saved the template somewhere other than the template folder? Once a template is in the template folder, you open it by opening a "New" document based on that template. It should then force you to save it as a new document, preventing you from altering your template. I suspect that if you are saving and opening them from some other location than the template folder it is not treating it as a template and allowing you to alter it, then asking you to re-save it.

I found this thread looking for a solution to a person who is working from a template and Word asks if they want to save the changes to the template. (Kinda going against the whole concept of using a template.) It seems like in this situation it is somehow treating the template as a 'temporary' file instead of a permanent template file.

Does this help at all?

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