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After installing the drivers for my DocuPrint C2255 printer, it just will not allow me to select double-sided printing.

  • The PCL driver does not even display "2 sided" as an option in the drop-down
  • The PostScript driver displays the option, but when selected gives this slightly confusing error...

    enter image description here

It seems to think that the duplex unit is not installed. What do I do?

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I finally found that you had to manually tell the driver about the presence of the duplex unit. This is done through Control Panel > Printers & Devices > right-click your printer > Printer Properties.

For the standard PCL Driver...

DocuPrint C2255 Duplex Enabled

For the PS Driver...

DocuPrint C2255 Duplex Enabled PS Driver

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Hi Simon. Can you accept your own answer? That way it will not get bumped to the front page (Which happens now and then with questions with no accepted answers). – Hennes Aug 28 '14 at 21:09
Thanks @Hennes, done. :-) – Simon East Aug 29 '14 at 1:03

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