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I'm trying to set up a web proxy site so users can circumvent national firewalls and access sites certain news websites.

I'm using CGIProxy on a ubuntu server in Europe right now, but since a lot of my users are in Asia, I'm thinking of caching a list of websites on my server to speed them up for my users. I'm still quite new to server and network architecture, but it seems Squid Proxy is currently one of the best caching mechanisms out there.

My question is, will Squid when acting as a reverse proxy, also cache the contents of websites that were fetched by CGIProxy? e.g. the CGIProxy gui window is just a few lines of HTML so I don't need to cache that, but the contents of the fetched websites need to be cached in Squid.

Does Squid cache all outgoing data from my server regardless of where it came from?

Is my line of thinking correct? If not I would be really grateful for any suggestions on caching contents fetched via a web proxy.


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