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I have a Kindle Fire HD which I am trying to connect to a Windows 7 x64 machine via USB.

Whenever I connect the device I get this...

enter image description here

I can't find any drivers for the Kindle, so I'm not sure what I need to do (or what I'm doing wrong).

Can anyone advise?

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There are no drivers, it should work, so the problem likely isn't the Kindle. Try a different pc with x64. – Ramhound Jul 11 '13 at 19:29
Or a different port in the same pc – Taegost Jul 11 '13 at 20:28

It might sound basic, but I'd do a little troubleshooting with the USB port itself if you haven't already:

  • Try connecting a different USB device (mouse, keyboard, etc) to that same USB port to see if they work properly

  • Try connecting the Kindle to a different USB port if available, or free up a known working USB port to see if it connects properly to that one

If those are still no help, you can also follow the troubleshooting steps Amazon lists here:

One last thing to try is running Microsoft's automatic fix for malfunctioning hardware devices here:

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