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I have a large collection of DVD and Bluray discs ripped to .iso format, and I'm looking for a method to stream them to a variety of end nodes.

My current (functioning) setup sees the .isos in a Samba share on headless Debian for the backend. Frontend is Windows with Media Center, plus Daemon Tools to mount the .iso locally. This Media Center add-in is the secret sauce, allowing the .isos to show in the video library and mount locally with a click.

This setup works fine for DVD images, but not at all for Bluray images.

Also, I'd really like to either use the uPnP/DLNA features on my Bluray players, or to get some kind of client/HTPC/set-top box running free/libre OS and software.

As far as uPnP goes, I've partway configured Mediatomb to do on-the-fly transcoding with VLC. The problem with this is it only allows play/pause of DVD video streams - no menu functionality, no skip/rewind, no Bluray, etc. On the plus side, decoding is done on the server, and many kinds of clients can connect (hypothetically).

Also, neither of these setups have any kind of library function. or media metadata retrieval.

So I guess the question is - what is the best option to stream DVD and Bluray .iso files over a LAN, using a free server, the greatest client support, the most features and the least hassle to configure.

(I've tried MythTV as well - turned out to be a giant time sink, it has tons of features I didn't need, is not widely supported, and is a nightmare to configure. Even if I got it, it didn't seem like it would add anything over the above solution.)

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