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I have a big book that consist of several static documents and a few dynamic ones (primarily Excel with links). The process of printing all this to one PDF as required by my customer takes way to much time.

What I want is a tool I can use in a batch file that will convert all documents in a folder to PDF and then merge all these PDFs to one big one. All the files have predictable names.

I've been thinking of GhostScript and a WScript, but that dosn't solve printing Excel documents to PDF. Hope you guys have some suggestions?

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For printing Excel documents to PDF... If you have Office 2007 or higher you can use the VBscript here.

(You need to create a batch file which loops through your .xls end .docs calling this VBScript.)

After that you can merge the PDF's with PDFTK of or one of the tools from Xpdf or use your own method with Ghostscript.

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This is only a partial answer since it doesn't answer the convert part

For batch merge you can try this CMD batch with PDFTK. The output file is always called binder.pdf but that is changeable to a generic name if you need it.

Read full instructions on how to set up

@echo off
setlocal enabledelayedexpansion
FOR %%A IN (%*) DO (set command=!command! %%A)
pdftk.exe %command% cat output "%~dp1binder.pdf"

enter image description here

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pdfsam is a multi-platform PDF tool with a pretty comprehensive set of tools for manipulating PDF document orderings. If you can find a way to print off a bunch of PDF documents (doPDF is a great PDF "Printer" if you don't already have one), pdfsam will easily merge all the documents into one.

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