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I'm trying and trying to find a value in the registry or through WMI (with wbemtest) which tells me that this network adapter uses a wireless connection. There are values in the WMI Win32_NetworkAdapter class like AdapterType but they are only telling me that it is a Ethernet device. On another pc when I query this class then I get a WiFi_NetworkAdapter entry but I think that depends on how the driver vendor has implemented it. I even tried to find something in the registry but couldn't find anything. The only part where I can see that this is a wireless device is when I am looking at the name and description but to be honest that is not a good solution. On Windows XP I found a registry key with a "MediaSubType" field under


but on Windows 7 this key seems not to be obligatory.

Any other solution besides Registry or WMI is also very appreciated but please keep in mind that I don't wanna use third party tools because later on I want to write a little C++ program.

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See MediaSubType DWORD value. If MediaSubtype = 2 then network adapter is a wireless device.

powershell gci 'hklm:SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Network\{4D36E972-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}' -rec ^| gp ^| FT MediaSubtype, Name, PnpInstanceID -Au

Or get _MIB_IF_ROW2 structure, see NDIS_PHYSICAL_MEDIUM.

Also may use PnpInstanceID and PCI ID Repository (database) or PCI Vendor and Device Lists (info).

Get list of all our wireless connections and their signal strengths:

wmic /NAMESPACE:\\ROOT\wmi path MSNdis_80211_ReceivedSignalStrength get *
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I think I will use the MIB_IF_ROW because the MIB_IF_ROW2 is only supported since Vista, right? But yes ... that was is what I've needed. – seveves Jul 12 '13 at 11:24
@SeveFriede Then if I forgot it all depends on the version of NDIS driver. I could be wrong, check the information on the MSDN CD. – STTR Jul 12 '13 at 11:33
Thank you STTR! I think in my C++ code I will go for this function and this should work fine on Windows XP with SP1 and later (: – seveves Jul 12 '13 at 12:05
@SeveFriede wmic nicconfig get MACAddress, IPAddress, Index, ServiceName, Description - get IP address, MAC ... etc) – STTR Jul 12 '13 at 12:38
but MSNdis_80211_ReceivedSignalStrength is only working when a WiFi is connected to a network, right? – seveves Jul 12 '13 at 13:42

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