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I have 2 columns in a sheet where the 2nd column is contained in the first. I mark each of them using MATCH and it works for a defined range , but when I try to expand the function to the whole column the matching range changes like this:

first line =MATCH(B1,E1:E277,0)

second line =MATCH(B2,E2:E278,0)

Actually I want to keep the 2nd line range of comparing as the first like this: =MATCH(B2,E1:E277,0)

And then apply it to the rest of the column (eg: for line 579 I should have =MATCH(B579,E1:E277,0))

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I found the answer accidentally looking for some resolution. The solution is to use "$" in front of the values that you do not need to change like in this example:


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