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I have a question related to the veth pair that is used in Linux system. I want to know which veth pairs are running in the current host, which I mean querying the pairs by using one Linux command or finding the related configuration in some files.

I know that to construct veth pair, you can simply by using

ip link add name1 type veth name2

But I haven't found an command or file that could be used to query the current running veth pairs.

If you know a way that could find the current running veth pairs, could you please tell me? This would help me a lot.

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You can get peer ifindex with the following ethtool command.

# ethtool -S veth1
NIC statistics:
     peer_ifindex: 7

ifindex is shown with:

# ip link

Ref: http://www.spinics.net/lists/netdev/msg102062.html

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