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PowerPoint 2010, Windows 7.

I have a very complex PowerPoint presentation with lots of objects moving. Some of them are moved with animations, some are moved with a macro. I had to use a macro to move some things because they are mechanical linkages, and I reuse this slide many times, so macros was the way to do this animation.

I use OnSlideShowPageChange to detect when I move to a new slide, then instantaneously move the independent object to its start location based on the value in an off-stage text box for the initial value, and position the dependent objects based on the position of the independent object. Then, the macro moves the independent object in small steps to the final value, reading the final value from an off-stage text box for the final position, and moves the dependent objects based on the stepped position of the independent object.

When I run the PowerPoint presentation in Slideshow mode, it works as expected. However, my delivery medium has to be a movie, so when I save to a .WMV file, it performs the macro but doesn't show the macro as it is performing each step (which is an important feature), only the end result. I've tried combinations of DoEvents, Sleep, and even tried forcing it to redraw that side using GotoSlide, but nothing seems to affect the .WMV output. I even tried using Camstudio, but that had the same result.

I've created a simple example that you can find here:

Any ideas? Thanks

Edit: I found out that macros are not supported in the WMV output format. Resolution is also limited.

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So even screen recording with CamStudio the actual animation process as it happens didn't work? I find that to be really strange. Can you try other screen recoding software? – Karan Jul 12 '13 at 22:57
I hadn't checked my example, only my massive PPT presentation. It worked with CamStudio, so I guess we'll call this solved. Thanks. – user2574497 Jul 13 '13 at 2:27

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