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I need to send a http get request under WinPE. My first thought was curl.exe. It works well under Windows but not WinPE. I committed curl.exe to boot.wim but when I tested it under WinPE, it returns nothing. I have tested wget.exe in the same way as well, it works well. But wget.exe was used to download file, not to send http request.

Can anyone tell me how to make curl.exe work under WinPE? Or any other way to send http request under WinPE?

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wget will use a GET request to retrieve whatever URL you feed to it, unless specified otherwise.

Another way would be to telnet into port 80 of your server and issue the http command directly.

From a command line window:

telnet <yourserver> 80
GET <path>

You might need to issue some additional http requests depending on how your server is configured. Read up on http headers for more detailed information on this.

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Unfortunately, telnet is not supported in WinPE as also. But as you mentioned, wget will trigger a GET request. So I use "wget -t1 -T3 my-url" in my case and it works through not an elegant way. Thanks –  dalang Jul 18 '13 at 13:56

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