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Is there a way to arrange windows within the same application in the taskbar of Windows 7?

Right now we can freely adjust each application's position in the taskbar, but within the app itself the windows can't be reordered, for example multiple windows of firefox or chrome.

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You can do this with 7 Taskbar Tweaker.

Just check the box Drag to reorder:


The previously mentioned Taskbar Shuffle doesn't support Windows 7 yet, to my knowledge.

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You can reorder the thumbnails by checking the box "Drag to reorder" under the "Thumbnails" section in 7 Taskbar Tweaker. It works now like it should. If you don't want to use that approach, then inside of Taskbar Tweaker you can click the "Taskbar Inspector" and drag around instances of your app inside of the app group and they will move in realtime. –  MikeTeeVee Jun 13 '12 at 19:21
and you can sort alphabetically from 7 taskbar tweaker..taskbar inspector –  barlop Jan 5 '13 at 2:54
@barlop though barlop, if I recall, you might have to keep telling it each time, to sort alphabetically, it's not automatic. –  barlop Apr 24 at 20:58

No. Unfortunately, it is not possible yet. Opened instances of the same application are combined and their live thumbnails cannot be reordered.

Note that even if you disable Combine (Right-Click Taskbar -> Properties -> Taskbar panel -> Taskbar Buttons dropdown), an application with several instances opened will still move as one group.

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