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I have no clue where to ask this question, so I thought I'd see if anyone here can point me in the right direction.

I'm helping a firm that has a bunch of PDFs with text-fields that were created with Acrobat Pro on hardware that has since been outdated. This is a small business that can't commit to upgrading to Acrobat Pro at this time on their new hardware, but they still need to work with their forms.

They need to open their forms, input data, and then print only the form fields and these form fields have to line up with specific boxes on the printed form they're running through laser printers. They're actually printing on top of DMV forms, so they have to print only their input in ways that fit inside the boxes. Ways to do this that I'm aware of:

  1. Acrobat Pro --> Print --> Select "Form Fields Only" and print.
  2. Save PDF document with input --> Import to OpenOffice Draw --> delete background (or set to transparent) --> Print.

The first is out of their price range. The second is inconsistent and takes some formatting to get it working right (registration is often off). What makes the second worse, is that the people doing this need something that's as basic as "enter data" and "print".

Are there other solutions to consider? Is the Open Office Draw solution the best one?

What about creating new forms with an open-source solution such as LaTex (I've never used it, but have considered learning it)? I thought of this because I assumed that I could use some programming solution to get the data they need, automatically fill-in fields, and output a printable form.

The best solution would make it really easy for someone to open a file, input data (or even ideally import data, which would skip a few steps) and then print only the fields.

Can anyone offer a suggestion to get me going in the right direction? Alternately, should I rule out something like LaTex?

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According to your description, this requires a database solution of some kind. In the most simple case, you create a form to collect data using Google Docs for free: google.de/search?q=google+docs+survey (of course there is lots of other software, OpenOffice also includes a database feature) –  BurninLeo Aug 9 '13 at 10:41
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