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I want to scan a few PDF files to see if they have malware in them. I have scanned with Spybot SnD and MalwareBytes and got it as clean.

However since pyew is dedicated to this, I want to scan the files with pyew. I downloaded the tar.gz for my 32 bit windows from the project site but I do not know how to use it.

Kindly guide me :)

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Get ActivePython for Windows.

See here for installation instructions.

  • Download the latest version of pyew for Windows(currently 2.0).
  • Extract the files to a folder.
  • Run the command prompt, navigate to folder of pyew, for example:

    C:\Users\Username> cd downloads/pyew-2.0-win32

    C:\Users\Username\Downloads\pyew-2.0-win32> cd pyew-2.0

  • And finally run pyew:

    C:\Users\Username\Downloads\pyew-2.0-win32\pyew-2.0> python <filename>

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Got it running. What am I to do with the data that is output ? :) – Little Child Jul 13 '13 at 6:53

The documentation on pyew's source site goes over this in a fair amount of detail with examples and usecases. Check out the man pages at

Share and enjoy.

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