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My boss is old school, he's not the office type but he runs the business well. He's been in business since before computers became a big part of it, and as such he never quite practiced some fundamentals.

Basically, he gets up to 100 emails a day that he must reply to, and he does. But recently he's been receiving complaints about one of his practices.



Now, he's long set in his ways and has many other more important things to think about, but he does care what his clients think, so besides training him to write like this, I'm looking for a script or program that can convert the capital letters to well formatted sentences.

There are a few issues that we have identified and accepted as necessary sacrifices, most obvious is that names and dates might not have a capital letter at the beginning as it would be hard to build the necessary logic into a program.

Essentially what we're looking for is a program that will convert all upper case characters to lower case apart from each first letter that comes after a full stop.

I know I can write a script that does this but why reinvent the wheel if it's already been done well.

I have searched around and found a few online tools, but they don't quite do exactly what we want. Is there an application that does this? Preferably a desktop app but online is ok to if it works well.


I'm not looking for a software that has this functionality as a feature, I'm looking for a lightweight app that's dedicated to this with no/few other features, basically copy and paste text in, press button, copy and paste resulting text out and into email.

What email software is he using? Outlook has VBA scripting which can be used to fire an OnSend macro; both that and Outlook Express can use Word to create emails. Other clients might also have scripting which can do things automatically. You could even have it do the conversion and ask whether to send or manually correct some of its over-zealous changes. It sounds like it's better to do something within his existing software than introduce something else. But this isn't GD. It might be better on Superuser. –  Andrew Leach Jul 13 '13 at 8:04
As someone once succinctly put it, this is a people problem, not a technology problem. This is something the user should learn, should be trained to do. He knows correct capitalisation when hand-writing, right? Then it's not a great stretch to learn the same for typing. –  Bob Jul 13 '13 at 11:53
@AndrewLeach currently Windows Live Mail but Outlook is available. VBA scripting sounds promising, I'll look into that. As for suggestions that he should learn, do you guys have any idea what its like teaching a beginner with 30 years of experience in bad practice, do you also have any idea how much time it takes to run a company. It really isn't likely that I can train him anytime soon. –  Dominic Jul 13 '13 at 12:16
I wrote a program to do this sort of thing many years ago -- it's not rocket science to do a "fair" job. (Acronyms and proper names are a problem, but a "dictionary" can help with those.) The problem is to find a scheme which is easy to use and works for him. Probably a scripting approach as Andrew Leach suggests. –  Daniel R Hicks Jul 13 '13 at 12:50
All caps mail is also likely to be caught in spam filters. –  Hennes Jul 13 '13 at 14:23
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Text Soap from unmarked software is exactly what you are looking for. (I have no affiliation with them... just used it for years.)


It has tons of "scrubbers" — one-click functions to uppercase text, lowercase it, sentence case, straighten or smarten quotes, strip out HTML gibberish, strip out multiple returns, you name it. Incredibly useful program.

Copy, click, paste, done.

I should have mentioned Windows only, didn't cross my mind soz. –  Dominic Jul 13 '13 at 14:02
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If Outlook is an option, as you have stated in a comment, you can use AutoCorrect. From the Microsoft TechCenter:

File->Options->Mail->Editor Options(button)->Proofing->AutoCorrect Options (button)->AutoCorrect

Then check the option:

Capitalize first letter of sentences

You can also use Shift + F3 to switch case, after selecting text (it includes all upper, all lower, and first letter upper).

This method has the disadvantage of not considering names and dates, as you mentioned. You can also look into handwriting recognition technology, if you can make it simple enough for him to use.

I already considered this option, I tested it but it's not as good as it sounds on paper and it's too complicated. Microsoft programs only autocorrect under certain conditions. Handwriting recognition would probably have very similar problems with cases, grammar and punctuation. –  Dominic Jul 13 '13 at 13:04
Shift + F3 also doesn't work well? Regarding handwriting recognition, after training the software it shouldn't have problems with case and punctuation, and much less with grammar. Of course, I don't know if the results would be good enough, you'd have to test. –  Paulo Almeida Jul 13 '13 at 13:08
I meant from the human input, his writing will lack the necessary parts even more than on screen. –  Dominic Jul 13 '13 at 13:23
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