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Some crapware has installed itself into my system and has "infected" all my browsers. I've been able to reset all the home pages and search providers to what I want - but in Firefox (v22), I'm still struggling with one point:

whenever I open a new tab, that crapware site gets loaded - which I DO NOT want. But how and where can I undo this damage? I haven't found anything just yet....

I did find a number of items on the Mozilla support site talking about the about:newtab page - but that's not what seems to be causing this site to load in every single new tab that I'm opening.

Where else in Firefox can I define what site gets loaded on a new tab? I gone back and forth through all the configuration dialogs, checked the extensions etc - it's not there. I've removed all mentions of that crap site from my registry - so it shouldn't be there, either.

Where else could that crap URL be hiding and be pulled from for each new tab??

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Do you know what the crapware that installed itself was? And what is the website that gets loaded? – Andy Jul 13 '13 at 13:57
Yes - it was a German CD-/DVD-burner called Free Disc Burner and that URL it sends me to is a lame search site, – marc_s Jul 13 '13 at 14:22
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Found it :-)

In Firefox, go to about:config.

There's a setting called


Whatever you have set in there is displayed when a new tab is opened without a specific URL. It default to about:newtab which shows the most recent sites - but this crapware re-routed that URL to their lame search site.

Fixed it, and things are now back to normal and Firefox is usable again!

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