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Hello I have huge collection of rescue disks and live OSs. I have extracted them in my USB pendrive. I want "boot program script" that will ask on start which rescue program or live OS is to be loaded. I have rescue disks as follows:-

(i) AOSS(Malware Scanner)

(ii) AVG

(iii) Avira

(iv) Bitdefender

(v) Comodo

(vi) F-Secure

(vii) Kaspersky

And Live Disks as follows:-

(i) Ubuntu Studios 13.04

(ii) Active Boot Disk

(iii) ERD Commander.

And I will add more rescue disk later so please explain how you did assuming that I(asker) am novice with any other languages other than HTML and Batch Programming. I know that HTML have no-use in this project but I am completely not very sure. If you cannot explain me the whole matter then just tell me how can I add some more rescue disks in it(script)?

I again describes that I have extracted above listed rescue and Live OS iso images in my 8GB USB Pendrive. I want a Boot Program script which will ask which rescue program or live OS is to be loaded every time when I boot from my USB Pendrive.

I also check at some other resources on the internet but I did not understand it fully. - Yahoo Voices (Click here to see this resource)

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Use grub for that. I use the instructions at to create a bootable USB pendrive.

I put ISO images to /iso/ directory on the pendrive and update grub.cfg accordingly. This way I have a pendrive from which I can boot various different versions of Kubuntu. Other live distributions can be booted in a similar way.

See also another answer:

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what you are looking for is called multiboot usb. you can create one with some unetbooting if you follow these steps.

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I use Multisystem, the best for me. And it can also handle MS Windows installation. live cd : Installation :

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