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I have a SQL Server DB but have no idea how to connect to it to run some queries. I naively assumed that I'd be able to open up a DB in a similar fashion to Microsoft Access, but can't seem to do this. I have a copy of what I think is the primary DB file with .mdf suffix.

After a bit of searching, I've come across Database .NET (suggested in a SuperUser answer). Running this I'm trying to figure out how to connect to the SQL Server DB but have no clue how to go about this. Is there a specific syntax to use? Also, how to authenticate to a remote machine running a SQL Server DB?

Any ideas appreciated as I haven't got a clue!=

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The quickest method would be to download SSMSE (SQL Server Management Studio Express).

It is free and works well.

SSMSE for SQL 2005

SSMSE for SQL 2008

alt text

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You generally can't simply connect to the database file; you need to connect to the database server that is using that database file, then connect to the database within the server. SQL Server Express is a free version, or you can use SQL Server proper if you have the right licenses

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