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I would like to print certain pages of a pdf. But I haven't the exact page numbers of that pdf. Instead I only have some points from the structuring of that pdfs content which don't correspond with the pdf page numbers. So I would like to view that pdf and mark the pages I would like to be printed. When I have finished I would like that the marked pages get printed.

Does anyone know of such a tool?

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What tool are you using to read the pdf? – Raystafarian Jul 14 '13 at 9:23
@Raystafarian Currently it's either Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader. – SpaceTrucker Jul 15 '13 at 6:40

Well, I use Acrobat Pro and can use Bookmarks to bookmark pages and then just print all from the bookmarks menu. See here.

Adobe reader does not inherently have the bookmarks toolbar since Reader X, I think. Here is a thread on that discussion, as well as a sticky note solution that I'm not too confident in using for printing.

This SU thread discusses several options as well. Like PDF-XChange Viewer

The foxit website is down right now, but I believe it has built in bookmarks, so you may be able to print from those similar to Acrobat.

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