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i want to make cmd file witch would take this command systeminfo | findstr /I type: and then save windows type (for ex. 32 bit). Then i want with IF help install winrar. For ex.: if windows are 32bit, i want that winrar would install 32 bit, if windows are 64bit - winrar 64 bit. How to do so ?

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what have you tried already? – gronostaj Jul 14 '13 at 11:34
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You can also use the PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE environment variable.

   echo Do 32-bit installation here.
) else (
   echo Do 64-bit installation here.
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set /a "x64=1<<32>>32"
if %x64% == 0 echo 32 bit
if %x64% == 1 echo 64 bit

Have not really tested this on 64 bit system. Confirmation welcomed.

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Ask for an input, 64 or 32 if unknown 32.

@echo off
echo 64
echo 32
echo IDK
set /p bit=
goto bit
goto %bit%
start winrar32.exe
goto done
start winrar64
goto done
echo. Installer Is running...
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Also If you had done any research you would have found the above code. – Jacob Eggebeen Jul 14 '13 at 13:51

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