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I'm sick and tired of changing windows all the time just to upload a file. I would like a way to do that fast right from vim. Is there such a thing? I download the files, I edit them and then I want to upload them, all manually, but I don't want to type huge commands to do it each time.

Linux user that likes to do as much as possible from the terminal. That is... everything!

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Yes, there is hope, and you don't even need to download the files, see netrw:

REMOTE EDITING :e dav://machine[:port]/path uses cadaver :e fetch://[user@]machine/path uses fetch :e ftp://[user@]machine[[:#]port]/path uses ftp autodetects <.netrc> :e http://[user@]machine/path uses http uses wget :e rcp://[user@]machine/path uses rcp :e rsync://[user@]machine[:port]/path uses rsync :e scp://[user@]machine[[:#]port]/path uses scp :e sftp://[user@]machine/path uses sftp REMOTE READING :Nread ? give help :Nread "machine:path" uses rcp :Nread "machine path" uses ftp with <.netrc> :Nread "machine id password path" uses ftp :Nread "dav://machine[:port]/path" uses cadaver :Nread "fetch://[user@]machine/path" uses fetch :Nread "ftp://[user@]machine[[:#]port]/path" uses ftp autodetects <.netrc> :Nread "http://[user@]machine/path" uses http uses wget :Nread "rcp://[user@]machine/path" uses rcp :Nread "rsync://[user@]machine[:port]/path" uses rsync :Nread "scp://[user@]machine[[:#]port]/path" uses scp :Nread "sftp://[user@]machine/path" uses sftp REMOTE WRITING :Nwrite ? give help :Nwrite "machine:path" uses rcp :Nwrite "machine path" uses ftp with <.netrc> :Nwrite "machine id password path" uses ftp :Nwrite "dav://machine[:port]/path" uses cadaver :Nwrite "ftp://[user@]machine[[:#]port]/path" uses ftp autodetects <.netrc> :Nwrite "rcp://[user@]machine/path" uses rcp :Nwrite "rsync://[user@]machine[:port]/path" uses rsync :Nwrite "scp://[user@]machine[[:#]port]/path" uses scp :Nwrite "sftp://[user@]machine/path" uses sftp

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That's the thing, I want to download the files.Being able to fetch entire dirs, and edit them, and upload them e.t.c e.t.c. I want the stuff that filezila can do but from within vim. – Deus Deceit Jul 14 '13 at 12:27
If I wanted to maintain a local copy of the files, I'd be storing the files in git and using the fugitive plugin to commit changes upstream. – dawud Jul 14 '13 at 12:30
I like that idea, but I'm not the admin of the server, I can't install git on it. And even if I was, I would have no clue how to set it up. Thank you very much for your answer – Deus Deceit Jul 14 '13 at 12:59

I'm not aware of any plugin that works exactly like what you describe. The only FTP plugins I have used is netrw and there's also FTPSync but both seem to be quite far from what you have in mind.

You didn't specify what OS you are using: are you on Windows or Linux? There are a number of very good FTP clients on Mac OS X (like the great Yummy FTP and totally worth the price) with "folder-watchers" that would provide exactly what you want except outside of Vim.

If you are on Linux, this recent thread on reddit may be interesting. Mounting your FTP server is another option.

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