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How can I stop a web site from taking over my browser?

Example: When I visit a web site, it blocks my keyboard short cuts such as copy and paste.

I want to use these short cuts when I need them.

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Disable JavaScript.

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the simplest solution, yet effective. However, disabling JavaScript may cause other functions stop working. – Shivan Raptor Oct 28 '09 at 9:28
Don't forget to disable flash as well. – kaba Oct 28 '09 at 10:27
And images, to prevent XSRF attacks, you can never be too safe! – Victor Oct 28 '09 at 10:51

If there is a specific site you use a lot that does this, you could use a Greasemonkey script to re-enable the thing they took out, but I don't think that is a general solution.

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Greasemonkey? On Internet Explorer? – Joey Oct 28 '09 at 10:21
Yes – Victor Oct 28 '09 at 10:40
Nice. Didn't know of that one so far. – Joey Oct 28 '09 at 11:22

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