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Is there any way to hide the vim command-line (ideally, automatically) when it's not being used? On small screens it takes up one valuable line. I'm thinking it would be 'normally' hidden, and appear when :, /, etc. are typed.

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No, that is not possible. The command line is always present and there's no way to hide it without changing vim's sources. It's not only used if you type : or / but also for status messages (try ctrl-g, for instance).

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Well, I just want to add a bit to that. WTF? just show this line when it's really needed and hide it when it's not. I don't care how often it's needed if it could be hidden and invoked automatically. This is just stupid. I mean the fact that it's used frequently doesn't excuse the lack of ability to hide it in any way, because you can invoke it automatically in any time. Am I right? – user1685095 Feb 24 at 21:14
Oh, thanks captain obvious :-). If I would have time I will most certainly do that in neovim. It really bothers me. I want to be able to see nothing but text in the whole screen, when I don't need anything else. – user1685095 Feb 25 at 6:55
You know, maybe this example isn't very good but still. In the past 2016 years (or ~4000 years if you consider the old Testament as well) no one deemed stopping humans from killing each other useful enough to be implemented. So apparently there's not much demand for it. If it bothers you, feel free to write a patch and post it on the Bible-dev mailing list. My point was to give you example of the obvious right thing to do, that nobody seems to have will or time to implement. – user1685095 Feb 25 at 7:46
And the fact that nobody thinks they have resources for that doesn't make humans killing each other any better or justifies it in any way. – user1685095 Feb 25 at 7:54

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