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I have a Speedport W 723V router which is causing problems with my web hosting set up. I can view my webpage when I type "localhost" or my internal IP into the address bar. However I cannot view the page using my public IP or the host name I set up with no-ip.org "www.ardenmagenta.no-ip.com". The error message in opera is "could not connect to remote server - server rejected connection". I've set up port forwarding for port 80 to my laptop's static IP. When I check for open ports with the top google pages when searching for "port check", it sais port 80 is open. I have an ftp on the same host which I can access publicly through the host name or IP. The firewall in windows 7 is switched off. The setting in my router setup does not allow changes to firewall. I'm guessing that's the problem.

Is there a mistake on my behalf or can I use a work around - maybe connect my laptop to the modem directly? (But then where to connect router)?

Thanks in advance

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