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I am a new Mac user. I need to return to the MacBook continuously with varying amounts of time in between.

However, the Mac goes into sleep mode breaking the tasks it was doing. I have figured out how to avoid having to renter password all the time, but it is still annoying. Is there to:

  • Have longer time pass before it sleeps?
  • Instead of sleep, just throttle down? (like shutdown screen, shutoff a core etc.)
  • And finally, when closing the macbook, go into most sleep/powersave mode?
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Have you looked at the Energy Saver preferences?

You can set it so it never goes to sleep and just stops the hard drives if possible. You can also dim the screen (on a MacBook) or sleep the display after a specified amount of time.

When closing the MacBook, it will always go to sleep.

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Thanks! Marked as correct answer :) – Tom Jul 15 '13 at 16:39

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