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I'm using Vagrant to run a CentOS VM in order to try and achieve local development parity with our live servers. I've symlinked /var/www/html with the /vagrant shared directory and am forwarding port 80 for viewing at http://localhost:4567. I'm developing using SublimeText 2 on OS X Mountain Lion.

Once I figured that iptables was tripping me up, all was well and good. Until I noticed something strange.

I have a sample HTML page consisting of several paragraphs of lorem copy. I can view this fine in a browser on OS X. But when I make an edit, for example removing a paragraph, and refresh the content is truncated with the paragraph I deleted still visible.

When I cat the files on the server I can see the changes I made but these aren't even reflected when I curl localhost.

I strongly suspect that it's a problem with my Apache settings — with which I didn't really tinker — as the issue doesn't arise when I stop Apache and run sudo python -m SimpleHTTPServer 80 in the directory to view pages instead.

What gives?

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This seemingly only affects HTML files. The exact same file served via PHP doesn't exhibit this issue. Which just confuses me more... – Nev Stokes Jul 17 '13 at 15:50
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We also use OSX, Vagrant and a symlinked setup,we experienced similar issues. The following worked for us, add this to you apache conf.

EnableSendfile off

The solution was found at Hope that helps.

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