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I'm working on Windows 7. How can I permanently add a new path to the 'PATH' environment variable of the current user?

I tried to do so with wmic:

wmic ENVIRONMENT where "name='Path' and username='<%USERNAME%>'" set VariableValue="%Path%;%NEW_FOLDER_PATH%"

The result was:

No Instance(s) Available

And nothing was affected. However if I try with the following with Administrative privilege:

wmic ENVIRONMENT where "name='Path' and username='<system>'" set VariableValue="%Path%;%NEW_FOLDER_PATH%"

It could always succeed.

The NEW_FOLDER_PATH doesn't contain any blank spaces.

How could I resolve this problem?

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Do you want to do it programmatically or any way possible? – Mario Jul 15 '13 at 9:55
@Mario: Any possible way is acceptable. I'm trying it in a Windows Batch file so this is my most desired way. – yaobin Jul 15 '13 at 10:00
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Played around a bit, and it seems like it expects a domain/computer name together with the user name rather than brackets.

Try running this:

wmic ENVIRONMENT where "name='Path'"

This will return all results, essentially one per user. You'll notice that users use the full name, like Mario-PC\Mario rather than Mario or (what you've tried) <Mario>.

To fix your command line, you'll want to look for the name like that (note the escaped backslash!):

wmic ENVIRONMENT where "name='Path' and username='%USERDOMAIN%\\%USERNAME%'"
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Great! That works! Yeah.. I should have thought of that earlier... – yaobin Jul 15 '13 at 10:53

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