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I have a webpage that I need to save down. I load the page with AutoPager.
But saving large pages loaded with AutoPager just won't work. (see my Q)

What I see on the page would be perfect (in HTML, that is).
I tried the "Inspect Element" and Firebug's tool as well, but they are not the same as I would save down the page with CTRL+S.

I also tried:

  • Installing Firefox on Linux - nope.
  • Try DownThemAll on the loaded pages - nope.
  • Install Nightly - nope.
  • Install Firefox on a RamDisk - nope.
  • Try 64-bit Firefox - nope.
  • Try loading the rule into AutoPage/Chrome (it won't do anything) - nope.

Selenium would be great for example, but it can't save.
(Also, I would need to page on the file. Like Open the page, Save page, Click next, Save page, Click next, Save page, so on, so on.)

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What do you mean save down as in you want the source? Or do you need something like a web clipper to save the page as is –  Raystafarian Jul 15 '13 at 12:17
Like CTRL+S. When it creates a folder (with a _files suffix), and downloads the entire page. (I would love to keep the HTML structure, as I already have an app set up to process that output. Not to mention the raw data is not distinguishable.) –  Shiki Jul 15 '13 at 13:25
Is additional data on that page loaded dynamically using AJAX? If so there are a couple of related/duplicate questions here and here, with one answer between them that might perhaps help you too. –  Karan Jul 16 '13 at 1:50

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