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I have directories and files locally and I want to copy them over to another box using rsync . The problem is that most of the data is already on the remove box, but not on the target disk. E.g., I have

local:~/$ ls -F
a/ b/ foo


remote:~/dest$ ls -F

where remote:~/dest/a points to a directory which already contains most of local:~/a.

When I do

local$ rsync --append-verify --progress -auv * remote:~/dest/

symlink remote:~/dest/a is replaced with an empty directory where rsync starts copying data from local.

How do I accomplish the effect of

local$ rsync --append-verify --progress -auv foo remote:~/dest/
local$ rsync --append-verify --progress -auv a/* remote:~/dest/a/
local$ rsync --append-verify --progress -auv b remote:~/dest/

with a single rsync invocation?

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From the rsync man page :

    -K, --keep-dirlinks         treat symlinked dir on receiver as dir
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