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I just noticed an interesting behaviour of LogMeIn client. I use LMI to connect to my office computer from home.

At the office, I have a HP laptop with some mediocre, low-res screen. It is connected to a high end DELL U2410 wide gamut monitor. I work in a dual monitor setup. The colors on the U2410 are very vivid and on the HP laptop are washed-out with blue tint.

At home, the laptop I use to connect is an old DELL Latitude D800, with a UXGA screen that matches the resolution of the U2410 (1920x1200) and can display much better colors than the HP's screen. With the LMI client, I switch back and forth between the two remote monitors.

Yesterday, I was editing an article and included in a couple of colorful diagrams I made using Visio. To my surprise, I noticed that when viewing the diagrams on the two remote monitors, they look differently on my home monitor. The diagram on the HP screen looked dull and blueish, while the same diagram on the U2410 looked vivid and crisp!

Is it possible that the LMI server renders remote colors, taking the ICC profile of the remote monitor into account? If so, how can I disable this?

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