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Hi my friend has a samsung NP530U3C and he has changed the bios to CSM only now it stuck on a loop and will not boot up, the options "F2 setup" "F4 recovery" are there but they do nothing.I have a bootable USB with win 8 that "installs" right up to restart then....back to the loop or in stall.Please can some one help its been driving me mad i just need to get tothe bios and change it back to EFI/CSM. Thanks.

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Changing UEFI to legacy BIOS/CSM shouldn't prevent you from entering the BIOS. Are you saying the key to enter the BIOS is completely ignored now? –  Karan Jul 16 '13 at 2:48

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Another way to enter BIOS is to hold the shift key while you press restart-> troubleshoot->advanced options->uefi firmware setting->restart. when you get into BIOS, go to advanced, disable fast BIOS mode,then go to boot,disable secure boot,and you will have the OS mode selection where you can choose CSM OS.

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I had the problem with samsung NP300E4E, the boot loop (Turn on the machine and appears the Samsung’s logo and restarted without letting you enter the BIOS), what happens when you remove the UEFI or by selecting the CSM and want to share my solution. Not because it allowed me to format I did was remove the hard drive and format it in another laptop, in my case I used a Compaq Presario C700 and return the disk to the Samsung and was able to enter the system normally. I hope you find it useful.

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