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OK, here is my setup

-VMWare Fusion 5 with NAT...On the NAT network I have a DNS server (running W12).

I have added an entry for that server on my Mac's /etc/resolv.conf (and the domain too), but cannot resolve directly. I tried to change the order of DNS servers, still no luck.

Here is a snippet of how it fails:

northfarthing:~ aweber$ host mordor mordor.MIDDLEEARTH.TEST has address northfarthing:~ aweber$ ping mordor ping: cannot resolve mordor: Unknown host northfarthing:~ aweber$ nslookup

server Default server: Address: mordor Server: Address:

Name: mordor.MIDDLEEARTH.TEST Address:

NorthFarthing is my Mac (it is not in DNS), mordor is my DNS server

so using host command on terminal works, but ping cannot resolve the name !! weird !!

And, even changing the order in resolv.conf did not work, but selecting the proper server in nslookup worked. So it does not seem to be a VMWare / NAT issue. I am a bit puzzled here

Thanks !

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