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i hav a dell laptop with win 8 loaded. when i access internet on my laptop at home it works fine, but as soon as i switch my wireless connectivity i.e when i access the internet at my office it does not catch the connectivity initially.But when i restart my laptop and every thing becomes normal and is accessible. why does this happen is it related to the OS or wireless drivers. kindly guide.

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Rather than restart your laptop each time do the following:

Open up command prompt (hit the windows button and type 'cmd') Type: ipconfig /release (hit return) ipconfig /renew (hit return) ipconfig /flushdns (hit return)

Can almost garuntee that your connectivity issue will be sorted doing this.

Saves a lot of time too rather than restarting your laptop.

The other way could be disabling your wireless also

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Sometimes it helps to deactivate the wifi adapter, then activating it again. – ott-- Jul 16 '13 at 9:07

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