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I have Windows 8, Windows XP and Ubuntu on my computer. And I am completely disappointed of modern logic of Windows 8 BCD. Say, I need to boot into Windows XP. Steps I must perform:

  1. Select "Windows 8" entry in GRUB menu.
  2. Wait for Windows 8 to load.
  3. Select "Load previous version of Windows" in logon screen
  4. Reboot
  5. Wait for GRUB menu to appear.
  6. Repeat Step 1.
  7. Load Windows XP.

Compare it with Windows 7 BCD logic:

  1. Select "Windows 7" entry in GRUB menu.
  2. Select "Load previous version of Windows" in boot screen.
  3. Load Windows XP.

I leave the question whether this decision to the marketers. I also understand that Microsoft is not responsible for custom bootloaders (though they must keep in mind that somebody use them). I simply need to load WinXP like I did when used Win7. I know it is possible, but when I tried to replace Win8 loader with Win7 loader using EasyBCD, it did not make any difference (excluding that it wrote loader to the MBR, and I had to recover it).

UPD: I used provided solution, but it seems to me that these settings are not kept after 2 restarts.

Should I use earlier version of EasyBCD, which is not aware of Win8? Or is there some hack to prevent Win8 to load every time I select it in boot menu? Please guide me.

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This is not possible with the Win8 Bootloader. But you can disable the the graphical Bootloader and switch back to the Win7 textbased version:

bcdedit /set {default} bootmenupolicy legacy

enter image description here

Now Windows 8 behaves like Windows 7.

enter image description here


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Nice help, thanks! – Danatela Jul 18 '13 at 3:07
Please review my latest changes in question. Legacy boot meny disappears after some time :( – Danatela Jul 23 '13 at 12:27
it works for me fine and stays as it is. Do you use other tools which modify the BCD? – magicandre1981 Jul 23 '13 at 18:24
No, I just play games there. I rewrote Win8 bootloader using EasyBCD, may be it is the reason. I don't think that Fallout 3 can change boot menu policy :) – Danatela Jul 24 '13 at 2:17
this can be the cause. – magicandre1981 Jul 24 '13 at 4:05

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