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I have a script with lots of lines like this:

ss Get $/%SS_SOURCE_PROJECT%/DLL/Vim25Service2005.dll -I-Y -R -VL%2
ss Get $/%SS_SOURCE_PROJECT%/97AUTO/*.* -I-Y -R -VL%2

We're migrating from one tool to another (VSS -> TFS) and need to port this script. Lines like the former (get individual file) should be transformed to:

tf get . Vim25Service2005.dll /all /version:L%2

While the latter (get a directory recursively) should be transformed to:

tf get 97Auto /all /recursive /version:L%2

Can I automate this with a couple of smart find & replace commands in notepad++, maybe using regex?

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For the first line:

Find: .*\$.*/([^\*]*) *-I *-Y *-R *-V *(.*)

Replace: tf get . $1 /all /version:$2

For the second line:

Find: .*\$.*/\*\.\* *-I *-Y *-R *-V *(.*)

.*\$.*/(.*)/\*\.\* *-I *-Y *-R *-V *(.*)

Replace: tf get . /all /recursive /version:$1

tf get $1 /all /recursive /version:$2

These regexes address possible lack of or extra whitespace between your arguments, but they do expect your arguments to be in the order you specified (i.e. -I, -Y, -R, -V). If your arguments are not always in that order we will have to get a bit more creative.

Tested in Notepad++ 6.3.3

If you need/want to try and tweak it some I recommend using the gskinner regex tool. It is excellent for rapid prototyping regexes.

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Works great but darn it, I realised I made a mistake in the 2nd one... the "97Auto" needs to be used in the replace text... I guess this means using grouping which is definitely beyond my regex skills! – Mr. Boy Jul 18 '13 at 9:25
I adjusted the second regex for you. When you want to make a group in regex you just use parenthesis then access that group with the $1, $2, ..., $n. – ubiquibacon Jul 18 '13 at 13:16

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