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I frequently create documents in Word 2010 that I want to print two-sided in book style, with mirrored margins and odd pages on the right. I want the 1-page Table of Contents to be an un-numbered "odd" page, blank on the back, so that the document starts with Page 1 on the right side, backed by Page 2. I tried using a section break, but that causes an extra blank side that isn't visible on the two-page view. It's an unwelcome surprise then that Page 1 prints as the "back" of the extra blank. Alternatively, without the manually added section break, P. 1 prints on the back of the Table of Contents. Help!

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From someone else having the same type of issue,

First, you should enable "Different odd and even" and/or "Mirror margins" in Page Setup.
Then, instead of deleting any existing section breaks, just place the insertion point in the section and then choose the desired "Section start" on the Layout tab of the Page Setup dialog box.

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