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I've been assigned to use Puppet to synchronize user passwords across an arbitrary number of servers, so that a user can change their password once and have that change pushed out to an arbitrary number of servers. Most of the advice I've seen has been to use something else, like LDAP, but I've been specifically instructed to use Puppet.

All I have so far is a class that, when run, sets a user's password. It should take the user id from facter to prevent someone from changing someone else's password.

class pwdchange ($newpassword = '') {
  user {"$::id":
    ensure   => present
    password => $encryptednewpassword

What I'm looking for is how to take a cleartext argument, check it to make sure it's a good password, and encrypt it with md5. I'll do that to get from newpassword to encryptednewpassword. Do I need to use an exec resource with the md5sum command? Or should I have a template that encrypts the password using ruby code? Or is there an easy, simple way to do this that I'm not seeing?


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dont do it, because it will not work, IMHO. puppet is not the right tool for that task.

what you want (and got advised) is a SSO-Solution

but I've been specifically instructed to use Puppet.

you can tell your instructors: it! will! not! work!


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