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Does anyone know if the HP Workstation xw4100 takes a "special" power supply?

I know there was a time when everyone was using their own PSs with different pinouts, but I was under the impression that enough people complained and all the companies switched to standard power supplies.

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Here are the two options for XW4100 power supplies with part numbers:

Part No. Description

331223-001 Power supply assembly - 100-127VAC and 200-240VAC nominal input(switch selectable), 47-63Hz, 280 watts, .5VDC auxilary

331223-001N Power supply assembly - 100-127VAC and 200-240VAC nominal input (switch selectable), 47-63Hz, 280 watts, .5VDC auxiliary - Mounts in the upper rear of the chassis assembly


HP/COMPAQ was known for having proprietary pinouts for their power supplies.

I Hope This Helps...

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