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We purchased and used a Barracuda Web Filter 210 about 5 years ago and it worked well for us at the time. I let the Energize updates lapse and the cost to bring them current is greater than the cost of a new system. How I've learned that I don't like to be locked into subscriptions like this so I will not be purchasing another Web Filter.

My company is much smaller now but I still want to filter and log web traffic. I'd like to know what the current "best" non-appliance options are?

My requirements:

  • Little or no cost annual subscription or licensing costs
  • Can't be cloud based or require broadband connection. We're stuck on T1 at our location and we can't handle a roudtrip for each request to be analyzed by a cloud service.
  • Integration with AD or LDAP and support for Rules and Exceptions linked to security groups and users
  • Common enough that I can find a contractor to administer and tweak the setup (I'm the bus. owner and hobby IT guy - don't know linux and don't have time to take that on now)
  • Able to run on basic hardware, bonus of it's possible to liberate the Web Filter 210 and use to run this new software
  • If open source, actively developed and supported
  • No need for client applications or endpoints (I'd like something as seamless as the Barracuda)
  • Reliable system, something that will basically "just work" once properly setup. The Barracuda was good at this, it just worked and I didn't need to mess around with it much except to administer block exceptions and rules for new scenarios, departments and employees.

During the time we've been without a web filter solution we've changed to a VOIP phone system. I'm now also concerned that routing VOIP traffic through the web filter and that creating issues. If there is a web filter solution that can allow traffic (e.g. VOIP) to pass through untouched that would be nice as well.

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Solutions you can try:

  1. WFilter -- windows program, one time cost, free version available.

  2. untangle -- linux solution

  3. opendns -- dns server solution, free version available.

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