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I have an 8GB USB drive that shows up as 7.46GB RAW in Disk Management (it also says "Healty (Primary Partition)". I don't believe there is any physical damage to the device.

When I right click the the volume, the only options I get are "Change Drive Letter and Paths" and "Format".
The problem is, If I attempt to do any of those, I get an error stating "The system cannot find the file specified".

Using TestDisk, I can get to the "Write" confirmation, but I get "Partition: Write error"

Is there any way I can fix this (utilities, programs, TestDisk, etc)? Data recovery is not the goal here (I just want the drive to work again).

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Found a solution. Use GParted; install it on a Live USB (basically creating a bootable USB) and boot from it. It'll put you in a simple Linux desktop where you can open the application and fix the drive.

Mine showed up as "unallocated" so I just created a fresh partition there. Drive is now fine and fully working!

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