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How do I disable Javascript in Chrome?

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Click on the address bar —yea the "omnibox", if you prefer a cooler name— and type chrome://settings/content.

(Alternatively, go Settings and type “javascript” into the search box.)

You can disable JavaScript by selecting “Do not allow any site to run JavaScript”:


It autosaves; you don't have to click Done or anything else.

Indeed, we don't even need a mouse to disable JavaScript and get back to the current page:

  1. CtrlT

  2. chrome:settings Enter

  3. javascript Tab Enter

  4. Tab x 6,

  5. Lastly, CtrlW to close Settings.

should take about 5 seconds.

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Just a note: the Wrench menu is not a wrench anymore. Don't know how to describe it though... – MegaHit May 2 '13 at 1:37
@MegaHit, Yea that "cool name" isn't actually much of a hype that Google wishes it to be. Post edited. – Pacerier Sep 23 '14 at 22:01

Another way:

Quick Javascript Switcher, a Chrome extension for quickly enabling / disabling Javascript) :

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The only problem with this solution is that QJS breaks certain CSS3 styles and properties, such as transitions. – Lazerblade Jan 13 at 19:16


To disable JS on Windows, find your Google Chrome shortcut (say, on your desktop or somewhere similar). Right-click it, and go to Properties. In the "Target:" field, put "-disable-javascript" after the quotation marks.

Any better ways?

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AFAIK this is the only way by now. – buba Oct 28 '09 at 20:48

Yet another way to do this that might be easier:

Pull up the Chrome Console, and click on the settings icon in the lower-right. At the top in "General" is the option to disable Javascript - along with lots of other easier-to-access goodies.

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I'm still using NotScripts, because it blocks more than just JavaScript, allows for both temporary and permanent exceptions, and it actually has a decent UI (unlike Chrome's built-in functionality).

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There are two built-in methods to disable Javascript in Chrome:

  1. in Chrome settings
  2. in Chrome developer tools

Chrome settings method

  1. open Chrome settings
  2. click content settings button under Privacy (see picture)
  3. select the option to disable javascript

enter image description here

Chrome developer tools method

  1. open dev tools (cmd + option + i in OS X)
  2. click the gear icon (red box below)
  3. click the disable javascript option (second down as of writing)

enter image description here

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You can use the Quick Javascript Switcher extension.

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This is exactly the same suggestion as @mlb – JoshP Sep 24 '12 at 19:09

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