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I have ddr2-667 ram and I measured my memory bandwidth via STREAM tool.

Here is my results:

Function Rate (MB/s) Avg time Min time Max time

Copy: 2229.0490 0.0158 0.0144 0.0206

Scale: 2208.1095 0.0160 0.0145 0.0216

Add: 2620.2118 0.0196 0.0183 0.0208

Triad: 2358.1446 0.0217 0.0204 0.0246

But theoretically my memory bandwidth is 5333 Mb/s.

Why my bandwidth results is very low ? is there a solution to increase (e.g overclock).Operating system is freeBSD

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probably i found my question.it causes fsb\ram ratio.my memory works 166 hz,but my fsb 200 hz. –  user2552886 Jul 19 '13 at 13:42
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