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I trying to start uwsgi service for my python application. when I checked it running bound to http socket it is working fine. But when I tried to add my conf.file to /etc/uwsgi/apps-enabled and running service uwsgi start it is failed. I debugged it and found that uwsgi trying to create file /run/uwsgi/app/hello_flask/pid but cannot because event /run/uwsgi directory not exists.

When, where and how this directory should be created?

UPD: My config file, I;'m actually do not know whether it required or not.

home = /home/alp/www/hello_flask/venv
socket = /tmp/hello_flask.sock
chown = www-data:www-data
module = app.py
pythonpath = /home/alp/www/hello_flask/
logto = /var/log/uwsgi/hello_flask.log
logfile-chown = root

UPD2: OS: Ubuntu 13.04

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